About Us
Minnesota's Premier Collection Law Firm

With a focus on collection litigation, the Halpern Law Firm, PLLC is located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and handles cases in State and Federal Courthouses throughout the State of Minnesota. Our experienced attorneys commence litigation seeking judgments against both commercial and consumer defendants. Once retained to proceed on either a primarily contingent collection basis or on an hourly compensation arrangement, we strive to obtain the maximum allowable recovery for our clients on all matters referred to us.  We make every effort to present evidence and persuasive arguments in support of our clients' claims and collection efforts.  Our firm has a proven track record of obtaining enforceable judgments either by motion or after trial and proceeding with aggressive post-judgment remedies allowed by Statutes and Rules of Civil Procedure. Moreover, we can pursue debtors in Minnesota after docketing judgments that creditors have already obtained. Our nationwide network of collection counsel assists us in tracking down debtors and their assets in other states.
400 Lumber Exchange Building, 10 South Fifth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402-1012   612-375-1980   Info@HalpernLawFirm.com
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