Consumer Vs. Commercial Debt Collection In Minnesota

Debt collection to a business can be troublesome if other businesses or consumers ignore collection attempts by the business. Business litigation may be necessary in the event of debt collection instead of going it alone. Our debt collection lawyers at Halpern Law Firm are experienced and dedicated to assisting business creditors with both commercial and consumer debt collection in Minnesota. However, it is important for business creditors to first understand the difference between consumer and commercial debt collection in order to appropriately, legally, and quickly obtain the credit owed.

Consumer Debt Collection

Consumer debt collection is between a business and an individual consumer or client. Halpern Law Firm’s debt collection lawyers work directly with the business to contact the consumer and legally obtain repayment. Often, consumer debt to a business is acquired for an unpaid loan or mortgage, medical bills, or personal credit card debt, etc. Our business attorneys are professional debt collectors that use the law to our advantage in order to obtain payment that is owed to our client. We adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, using mail, e-mail, and telephone as our main forms of contact.

Commercial Debt Collection

The commercial debt collection process is the collection of one business’ debt to another business who gave the original credit. Our lawyers utilize national and state laws to address the repayment of the debt. Commercial debt collection is usually the creditor attempting to gain payment for a service or product that the debtor never paid. Generally, a business lawyer from Halpern contacts the billing department of the business in debt (or other person responsible for repayment) to create a payment plan that works for both the debtor and creditor. Halpern Law Firm tries first to settle all debt collections outside of court; however, we are prepared and willing to pursue commercial litigation until the commercial debt is repaid.

Halpern Law Firm defends all businesses in recovering a debt for both consumer and commercial collections. We offer a free initial consultation to any business in the state of Minnesota and businesses that are located elsewhere but fighting for debt recovery in Minnesota. Please contact us now to discuss your debt collection needs in Minnesota.

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